Our Wines

Thank you for taking the time to check out our current wine selection. As of right now we are only selling our wines in-store, at our winery, and at a few select liquor stores. We are not able to ship at this time. 

Semi-Sweet Grape Wines:

Barn Blend White 2022:

This year's Barn Blend White is a blend of Brianna and Edelweiss grapes, slightly back sweetened. Edelweiss has pineapple overtones and Brianna has tropical fruit taste and a pineapple nose. ($18/ Bottle)

Brianna 2022:

Brianna has a tropical fruit taste and a pineapple nose. We lightly oak and slightly sweeten for a subtle white wine. ($18/ Bottle)

Sweet Grape Wines:

Barn Blend Red 2022: (Currently Sold Out)

The Barn Blend Red is Marquette blended with a small amount of Concord, lightly oaked and, sweetened to Midwestern tastes. The Black Cherry of the Marquette is dominant with a hint of grape jelly. ($18/ Bottle)

Petite Rosé 2022: 

Petite Rosé is made from our Petite Pearl grapes, which are quickly pressed after harvest. It is blended with a small amount of Frontenac Blanc and lightly oaked. We sweeten to Midwestern taste, which enhances the medley of fruity flavors in this wine. ($20/ Bottle)

Catawba 2022: 

Catawba is an American Grape variety which can be enjoyed as a table grape, used to make jelly, or made into a farm-style rustic pink wine. As a wine, flavors can vary from grapefruit, strawberry, peach, banana, and even melon. ($18/ Bottle)

Delaware 2022: (Currently Sold Out)

Delaware is a smooth sweet amber wine with hints of apple, melon or peach. An American grape variety that is a cousin to Concord, Niagara, and Catawba. If you like Moscato you will like our Delaware. ($18/ Bottle)

Sweet Fruit Wines:

Apple Wine 2021: (Currently Sold Out)

Our sweet apple wine is made with local green apples fermented and back sweetened to make for a crisp tart wine. ($18/ Bottle)


Plum Wine 2021: (Currently Sold Out)

Our unique plum wine is a mixture of local sand plums and American plums that blend very nicely to make a sweet, slightly tart wine. ($18/ Bottle)


Sweet Honey Wines:

Apricot Vanilla 2023: 

Wildflower Honey fermented with Apricots and Madagascar Vanilla Beans, back sweetened with more Wildflower Honey. ($18/ Bottle)

Traditional 2022:

A Traditional Style Mead, made with Wildflower Honey and water, fermented with Orange Zest and Cinnamon sticks, back sweetened with more Wildflower Honey. ($18/ Bottle)

WildStrawFlowerBerry 2022: (Currently Sold Out)

This sweet Strawberry wine is made with local Wildflower Honey fermented with strawberries and back sweetened with more Wildflower Honey. ($18/ Bottle)

WildRaspFlowerBerry 2022: (Currently Sold Out)

This tart raspberry wine is made with local Wildflower Honey, fermented with raspberries and back sweetened with more Wildflower Honey. ($18/ Bottle)


Wild Rhubarb 2023: 

Made with local Wildflower Honey, and fermented with Rhubarb juice. It's a light, clear, pink wine with a hint of tartness and the sweetness of the Wildflower honey. ($18/ Bottle)

Cherryliciousness 2023:

This is a Cherry mead, commonly referred to as Vikings Blood. We take cherry juice and ferment with Wildflower Honey, after primary fermentation we drop in some dehydrated tart cherries, which enhances the cherry flavor and gives it a slight tart finish. ($18/ Bottle)

Peach Medu 2023:

Medu is the old English spelling of a mead. We take Peach juice and ferment with Wildflower Honey, and then back sweeten with the Wildflower Honey. The peach and honey compliment each other well. ($18/ Bottle)

Dry White Wines:

The French Wrench 2022:

This is a subtle dry white wine made with the La Crescent grape. La Crescent is a French Hybrid grape variety that has hints of apricot, peach, and citrus. ($18/ Bottle)

Dry Red Wines:

Marquette 2022:

This dry red wine is made from Marquette grapes from Manhattan, KS. Marquette is a cousin to a Pinot Noir. It has hints of black cherry and spice, and everything nice! ($20/ Bottle)

Petite Pearl 2020:

Made with Petite Pearl grapes from our vineyard. It is a fruity, dry red with a smooth buttery mouth feel. ($20/ Bottle)

Dirty Joe 2021: (Currently Sold Out)

This light, red wine has been fermented from the pressed skins of Marquette and Petite Pearl grapes. Although it is dry, it tastes sweet with a bold, earthy flavor that leaves you with a warm feeling. ($9/ Bottle)

Dessert Wines:

Apple Pie 2022:

This delicious dessert wine is made with Green Apples fermented with cinnamon, allspice, ginger and nutmeg. Fortified with Apple Brandy and back sweetened to make for an undeniable apple pie flavor. ($20/ Bottle)

Chocolate Raspberry 2022:

 Made with Raspberries from the Depot Market in Courtland, KS, and fermented with Dutch Processed Chocolate. This wine pairs well with dark chocolate, which helps to enhance the chocolate in the wine. ($20/ Bottle)